In order to continue the fostering of film production in Portugal, the Portuguese Government created the Portuguese Film Commission (PFC).

The new entity is now up and running and is the next step in promoting this industry in Portugal, following the launch of 2018’s PIC Portugal — Filmar em Portugal (To shoot in Portugal).

The purpose of PFC is the promotion of Portugal as a shooting and movie production destination, its competitive profile and landscapes, and its talent. The removal of red tape with quicker access to licensing and permits is one of its goals.

Incentives for filming and producing movies in Portugal include a multi million-euro fund to promote the domestic industry — the Tourism and Cinema Support Fund. Subject to the fulfillment of a set of requirements, grants will be provided and will be linked to production costs incurred in Portugal, usually capped at 4 million euros per project.

GFDL has deep industry knowledge in Media, Sports and Performing Arts (“MSPA”). For more information on incentives for film production in Portugal, please contact us.

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